Glass Packages

Glass Packages of Glass Design Ltd are made with machines of world-famous manufacturers like “LISEC”, “REINHARDT TECHNIK”, “RJUKAN METALL”, “MAVER”, “FOREL”. For the pressurization of the Glass Packages we use materials of the the world-famous company “K?MMERLING”, whereas for the secondary seal is carried out by an industrial robot from the leaders in the industry “REINHARDT TECHNIK”.

What are glass packages – function and internal structure

Glass packages are a modern variant of the double glazing in which two or more sheets of glass are separated (distanced) from each other by an air gap and are sealed together in a single module suitable for incorporation. Constructed in this way, glass packages appear as a construction element. They are designed primarily for external glazing of buildings, but can be used in the interior, too.

Structure of the glass package



  • glass (external and internal);
  • spacer;
  • absorbent;
  • primary sealant (butyl rubber);
  • secondary seal (polysulfide, polyurethane, silicone, etc.)

Functions of the glass package
The functions of the glass package are directly connected with the functions of the windows of the buildings and premises. Here are the basics they have to ensure:

  • transmission of natural daylight;
  • transparency of the premises;
  • thermal insulation;
  • noise insulation;
  • protection from solar radiation;
  • Almost always, these functions are in conflict with each other. For example, if we want to provide maximum illumination we will hardly provide maximum protection from solar radiation and vice versa.

Specifications and Types of glass packages
The main source of light and heat for the Earth is the Sun. The electromagnetic waves transmitted by it are located in a very broad range of wavelengths – from several nanometres to several millimetres. These waves reach the inner parts of the premises most easily through doors and windows of the building and a small part pass through walls and roofs. It has become clear that the task of the windows in a building is critical. The proper solution of this problem leads to providing the necessary comfort inside the buildings. Unfortunately, no glass has been invented so far that entirely blocks what is harmful to health and comfort of the people.

Types of glass packages according to their purpose:

  • plain;
  • sunscreen;
  • energy saving;
  • Soundproofing;
  • anti-burglary;
  • Safe at break and others;

Types of glass – according to their design:

  • unicameral;
  • dual-chamber;
  • structural;

Production mistakes

  • improper cutting of glass;
  • poor washing of windows – the lac of control of the pH of the water leads to negative effects in a few years’ time;
  • assembly of the windows to the frame having not enough pressure – using no presses;
  • unclean (degreased) spacers prior to assembly;
  • use of outdated, faulty or badly tempered materials for sealing;
  • poor cleaning of soft coatings on the glass ends;
  • corners, poorly sealed with butyl rubber;
  • improper storage and use of moisture-absorbing substances;
  • use of silicone as a secondary seal with argon – low efficiency of the combination;
  • improper storage during solidification of the secondary seal;
  • “repair” of glass packages to save money, etc.