Laminated glass with embedded image

Laminated glass with embedded images is produced by embedding an image between two or more layers of EVA-film. The image is often high quality photo printing on special PVC film. In the “Laminated glass” gallery, we have collected a database of pictures from which all customers of Glass Design can choose an appropriate picture.
We also work with images provided by the customers.
Laminated glass is manufactured by bonding glass sheets, using a special bonding layer ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), at a high temperature and pressure.
EVA layer:

  • transparent or coloured;
  • thickness of 0.38 mm or 0.76 mm.


  • colourless or coloured;
  • thickness, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4, 5+5, 6+6, 8+8, 10+10 mm;
  • combination of different in thickness and colour sheets;
  • the number of sheets may vary, the total thickness of the product must not exceed 60 mm.

Areas of application:
Laminated glass is used in building: shop windows, glass roofs and ceilings, interior glass screens, stairs, bank buildings, museums, hospitals, galleries, schools, kindergartens, basement floors of buildings, railings, in furniture production, as well as in all sites where a high level of safety is required.
The structure of this type of glass reduces the risk of physical injury. When broken, they do not crumble into pieces;
Thanks to its strength, the use of this type of glass significantly enhances safety in cases of assault or robbery. It prevents or delays attempts of violent intrusion from one space into another.
Laminated glass reduces the rate of passage of sound from one space to another;
Laminated glass improves the sound insulation properties of the glass packages which they are integrated into.
In addition to the included in the catalogue images, Glass Design Ltd. offers a wide range of photographs in electronic form. We also work with clients’ images, with dimensions complying with the printing requirements. Production options are: 1800 x 4000 mm for laminated glass and 1370 x 4000 mm when using an image.